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Page Titles Starting with S

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Strausstown Roots popular

Description - We have named our site Strausstown Roots, in tribute to our many ancestors who were born or lived or died at Strausstown, Berks County, Pennsylvania. This site is also the story of many other Pennsylvania ancestors, their families, friends and neighbors, who lived throughout Berks county, as well as in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Schuylkill, Dauphin, York and Huntingdon counties.

Main Surnames - Miller, Moyer, Reber, Faust, Berger, Reed, Smith, Wagner, Zerbe, Mengel, Kauffman, Schaeffer, Kline, Snyder, Batdorf, Potteiger, Hiester, Spangler, Long, ulrich, Fisher, Zimmerman, Hoffman, Boyer, Zeller, Brown, Yoder, Unger

Main Locations - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Germany, Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, Kansas, new york, California, Missouri, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, nebraska, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Canada

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 23
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

The Maw Family popular

Description - The Maw and related family resource database containing over 65,000 individuals. Includes extensive collection of source documents

Main Surnames - Maw, Mawe, Mow, Smith, Mawer, Thewlis, Johnson, Thompson

Main Locations - England, United States, Canada, Australia

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 22
Added: Sun Jun 09 2019

The Squirrell Research Group popular

Description - One-name study of the surname SQUIRRELL and variants worldwide

Main Surnames - SQUIRRELL

Main Locations - Worldwide

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 25
Added: Wed Jul 10 2019

Selley - Witt Family Tree

Description - This is the family tree of Kathryn Selley and Mark Selley, the children of Philip Selley and Jacqueline Witt

Main Surnames - Selley, Witt

Main Locations -

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Fri Jul 05 2019

Settlers of Algonquin Highlands

Description - Welcome to the Settlers of Algonquin Highlands Family Tree Project. Here you can explore the families and descendants of those settlers who were born, lived or died here in the Township of Algonquin Highlands and its surrounding hamlets. This giant family tree of the community is being created by seniors in the three settlement areas: Oxtongue Lake area Dorset village area Stanhope township

Main Surnames - Sawyer, Sisson, Harrison, Barry, Hewitt, Henderson, Jones, Welch, Walker, Stevens, Dawson, taylor, Cowen, Cooper, thompson, Coulter, Thomas, Barnum, Sims, Horsley

Main Locations - Canada, USA, United States, England, Scotland, Ireland

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Smythson Family History

Description - Welcome to the Smythson family tree. Included are all the descendants and relatives of Benjamin Christian Smythson born in 1784

Main Surnames - Smythson, Springett, Parnell, Hards, Chabot, Kennard

Main Locations - Middlesex, London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

Sorenson Robey Genealogy

Description - This site is dedicated to the genealogy research of the Soren Ole Sorenson and Wesley Cunningham Robey families, their collateral ancestors and descendants. Researching the following surnames: Robey, Sorenson, Ferguson, Hug, Fricker, Baum, Bird, Fenn, Cummings, Rolfe, Cunningham, and many more.

Main Surnames - Robey, Sorenson, Ferguson, Hug, Fricker, Baum, Bird, Fenn, Cummings, Rolfe, Cunningham, John, Lindler, Bittaker, Jones, Wright

Main Locations - USA, United States, England, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 6
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Soule Kindred Family Tree

Description - The Soule Kindred Family Tree Database is an exciting, ongoing collaborative effort to gather and make available information on all of the descendants of Pilgrim George Soule and his wife, Mary Beckett, starting with the fifth generation and continuing forward to current descendants

Main Surnames - Soule, Beckett

Main Locations -

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 4
Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

St. John Genealogy

Description - This Ancestry and DNA project was initiated by the descendants of Thomas St. John (1564-1625) of Uchel-olau, Glamorgan, Wales

Main Surnames - St. John, Borror, de Port-St. John, Sheets, Smith

Main Locations - USA, Wales, England, UK, IN, OH, Canada

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 6
Added: Tue Jul 09 2019

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