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Page Titles Starting with D

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Descendants of John Cadwallader

Description - This site was created from a book called The Descendants of John Cadwallader of Wales, Horsham and Warminster, written by my aunt, Anna Supplee Hill Baker (shown here about 1916), and published in 1970. She spent many years researching and preparing the information, and we are indebted to her for her effort. She obtained, organized, and published genealogy data for thousands of individuals without the benefit of the computers we enjoy today. Since there are very few copies of her book in print, I felt it worthwhile to make the information available to the many descendants that have not had access to the book.


Main Locations - Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Delahoy Genealogy

Description - This site is dedicated to preserving and sharing information relating to the Delahoy family around the world including contact information, family trees, articles, books, photos, announcements and anything else that crops up


Main Locations - Australia, England, Scotland, Victoria, USA, United States

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Delvee Family Association

Description - Founded in 1886, the Delvee Family Association includes all descendants of Peter Delva (c1745-1803) who settled in Warwick, Massachusetts

Main Surnames - Delvee, Shepardson, Johnson, Moore, Brown, Whitney

Main Locations - Massachusetts, California, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont

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Added: Fri Jul 05 2019

Devantier Family Tree

Description - The Devantier family consists of 10 branches an American, an Australian, a New Zealand, a German, a Danish, a South African, a Brazilian, an Icelandic. a Canadian and a Norwegian

Main Surnames - Devantier, Honore, Deleuran, Hermann, Dupont, Jensen, Hansen, Nielsen, Pedersen

Main Locations - Denmark, USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019

Drollinger Family History

Description - This website is the world's most definitive and authoritative source in existence that specifically follows the Drollinger bloodline including its nine spelling variation derivatives which are, Drewlinger; Druelinger; Druliner; Drullinger; Trolinder; Trolinger; Trollinger; Trullender and Trullinger

Main Surnames - Drewlinger; Druelinger; Druliner; Drullinger; Trolinder; Trolinger; Trollinger; Trullender and Trullinger

Main Locations -

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Added: Mon Jul 22 2019

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