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Surnames Beginning with W

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Roger Williams Family Association

Description - The Roger Williams Family Association had its roots in the early 1880's when two or three related families, who were descended from Roger Williams, held an annual reunion and picnic in Roger Williams Park. They had no plans to form an association until 1886 when the City of Providence observed the 250th Anniversary of its founding. At that time, there were a number of celebrations, and Frederick Sayles, who was then Mayor of Pawtucket, called for a gathering of Williams descendants in Sayles Hall, Brown University. He expected about 50 or 60 people, and must have been overwhelmed when 1,000 showed up. Some brought charts showing their lines of descent, and others were somewhat vague about their lineage, relying solely on family tradition. They all showed a great deal of interest. Out of this gathering, the Roger Williams Family Association came into existence.

Main Surnames - Williams

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Added: Fri Jun 21 2019

Waterfall One Name Study

Description - This website will contain my research into the Waterfall name, as well as my research into my own family. My own family contains the following names Jones, Williams, Breeze, Card, Chandler, Cross, Frankenbusch, and Lowenstein amongst others

Main Surnames - WATERFALL, Jones, Williams, Breeze, Card, Chandler, Cross, Frankenbusch, Lowenstein

Main Locations - England, USA, United States, Wales, Australia, Canada

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Last Modified: Sat Jul 06 2019

Whitlock Family Ancestry Database

Description - This site is dedicated to Whitlock Family Genealogy including Whitlock, Whitelock, Whitelocke, Whiteclerk, Whitlark, Witlox, Wittlock and many other variants of the name

Main Surnames - Whitlock, Whitelock, Whitelocke, Whiteclerk, Whitlark, Witlox, Wittlock

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Worden Family Association

Description - Are you a Worden researcher, or are you interested in Worden genealogy? Do you want to communicate with other Worden researchers? Are you stuck at a brick wall and are searching for help to break through your brick wall? Are you searching for records that you hope exist, but you've been unable to find them? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then Join the Worden Family Association (WFA)

Main Surnames - Worden

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WRIGHTs of East Anglia

Description - DNA and Family Tree Website trying to link WRIGHT families with roots throughout East Anglia

Main Surnames - WRIGHT

Main Locations - Cambridgeshire, Essex, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

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