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Surnames Beginning with R

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The Rofheart & Jones Families popular

Description - Public family tree for Rofheart / Rofes

Main Surnames - Rofheart, Rofes

Main Locations -

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Rose Family Association

Description - The quarterly Rose Family Bulletin, published since 1966, and the Association Newsletter (published 1980-1999 and now combined with the Rose Family Bulletin) are full of Rose family information including wills, war files, biographies, census, marriages, photos, queries, war rosters, manuscript items, news items, obituaries, membership lists, lineages, etc. Editor is Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG, founder of the organization, together with Seymour T. Rose, Associate Editor. Over fifty-five years has been devoted to researching the Rose families of the United States, all nationalities

Main Surnames - Rose

Main Locations -

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ROWBERRY One-Name Study

Description - Although this is called the ROWBERRY One-Name Study it also includes many variants, such as my own maiden name RUBERY. In fact these are the two most common variants found today, closely followed by ROWBURY and RUBERRY. Others still extant include REWBURY, ROBERY, ROEBURY, ROVERY, ROWBERY, ROWBORY, ROWBREE, ROWBREY, ROWBURREY, RUBBERY, RUBBRA, RUBRA, RUBREY and RUBURY

Main Surnames - ROWBERRY

Main Locations -

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