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Surnames Beginning with K

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KEMP(E) Surname one-name study worldwide popular

Description - Dedicated to the one-name study and reconstructing of families for people named KEMP, KEMPE, KEMPF, KEMPS, KEMPT, CAMP, CAMPE or variants worldwide


Main Locations - United Kingdom, United States, England, Australia, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, France, South Africa

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Clan Kinney Association

Description - The name is numerous in Ireland. It has seventy-sixth place in the list of commonest surnames. The majority of the people belong to families located in Counties Galway and Roscommon. This is the homeland in early times, as well as to-day, of the O'Kenny sept which in Irish is Ó Cionnaoith. It is of the Uí Máine (Hy Many) and the same stock as the O'Maddens. Another sept of the same name was in early times in County Tyrone, but there is little trace of it left there now. When Kennys are found of long standing connection with County Down, they are probably of the minor Ulster sept of Ó Coinne

Main Surnames - Kinney

Main Locations -

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