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Surnames Beginning with E

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Eller Family Association

Description - The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information

Main Surnames - Eller

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The Eaton Families Association

Description - The Eaton Family Association was organized in Boston, Massachusetts on July 25, 1882. The Eaton Families Association (or EFA) is a not-for-profit genealogy association tracing Eaton, Eyton, de Eyton ancestry/descendants from 11th century Shropshire/Cheshire Co., England and Wales through worldwide migrations and more

Main Surnames - Eaton

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The Eddy Family Association

Description - The Eddy Family Association was formed in 1920. We continue a legacy founded by our ancestors who researched and documented information on the Eddy Family, which eventually led to the publication of the original Eddy Family Association Genealogy in 1930. Since then we have published a series of updates and twice yearly bulletins. We are the original Eddy Family Association and continue to collect information on all Eddy family members throughout the world

Main Surnames - Eddy

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