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Surnames Beginning with B

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Association of Blauvelt Descendants

Description - The Association of Blauvelt Descendants is a family association that was founded in 1926 to bring together the descendants of Gerrit Hendrickszen (Blauvelt). The Association is dedicated to promoting an interest in the history and genealogy of the early Dutch settlers in New Netherland, with particular emphasis on Gerrit Hendrickszen van Deventer, who married Marie Lamberts Moll on 7 May 1646 in the New Amsterdam (NYC) Dutch Church, and the descendants of Gerrit's eight surviving children, Hendrick, Huybert, Johannes, Margrietje, Abraham, Isaac, Marritje, and Elizabeth. The ABD holds Annual Meetings, sponsors a variety of family activities, and publishes historical and genealogical information including its award winning newsletter, The Blauvelt News

Main Surnames - Blauvelt

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Added: Sun Jun 23 2019

A Bisbee Family History

Description - We are a national association of Bisbee Families and friends who have a common interest in each other and in our family heritage

Main Surnames - Bisbee

Main Locations - USA, Canada, England

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Bassett Family Association

Description - This website deals with matters related to the Bassett surname

Main Surnames - Bassett

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Blaker Society

Description - The Blaker Society is a non-profit group made up of people interested in the history and distribution, as well as the genealogy and family history, of the people known as Blaker

Main Surnames - Blaker

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Breadmore One-Name Study

Description - Are you, were you, have you any connection with or any information on, a BREADMORE, BREDMORE, BRADMORE, BREADMAN or BREDMAN?

Main Surnames - Breadmore

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The Bolling Family Association

Description - The Bolling Family Association was founded in 1991 following the publication by Maj. Gen Alexander R. Bolling, Jr. of his book, The Bolling Family, Eight Centuries of Growth. The book traces both the ancestors and descendants of Robert Bolling, b 1646, immigrated to Virginia Colony in 1660 and died 1709

Main Surnames - Bolling

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The Elder William Brewster Society

Description - Welcome to the Elder William Brewster Society Website! The Society meets once every three years at the Mayflower Society General Congress in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Here we meet our cousins and enjoy entertainment and a bountiful buffet. We welcome new members

Main Surnames - Brewster

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