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Surnames Beginning with T

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TERRIOT Surname DNA Project

Description - The goal of the TERRIOT Surname DNA Project is to confirm the descendance of the currently documented branches (with all spelling variants) from Jehan and Perrine Terriau through their sons Claude and Germain as listed in the 1671 Census of Acadia

Main Surnames - TERRIOT

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019

THORNTON Surname DNA Project

Description - THORNTON Surname DNA Project

Main Surnames - THORNTON

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019

Townsend DNA Testing Project

Description - TOWNSENDS from around the world (with any spelling of the surname) are welcomed in this Y chromosome DNA testing project launched by the Townsend Society of America in 2002 when DNA testing became a cost effective new tool to use in genealogical research

Main Surnames - Townsend

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019

Tyler Family DNA Pro

Description - Tyler DNA Project

Main Surnames - Tyler

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019


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