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Surnames Beginning with S

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Scruggs Surname DNA Project

Description - SFA has sponsored a Y-DNA project since 2003 with exciting results. DNA results indicate that there is a common Scruggs ancestor about 10 generations back, possibly in the late 17th century, which happens to coincide with the first known Scruggs in America, Richard, who appears in Virginia records in 1655

Main Surnames - Scruggs

Main Locations -

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Slade Surname DNA Project

Description - This Slade Surname DNA Project provides an opportunity to identify which Slade branch you belong to and/or to confirm suppositions you may have already found using conventional genealogical research methods. One goal of this project is to link together branches of the family that cannot be linked otherwise due to lack of documented records. Another goal is to identify and confirm our true ancestral origins

Main Surnames - Slade

Main Locations -

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Description - This project is not just exciting for we Sainsbury descendants, it is also exciting for anyone interested in the ancient history, not just of our sceptred isles, but of the ancient world. Exactly who were the people who founded our great family

Main Surnames - SAINSBURY

Main Locations -

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The Sasser Surname DNA Project

Description - The objective of this project is to match up individuals or families who share a common male ancestor with the Sasser surname and to trace the origins of the Sasser surname in America and back to Europe

Main Surnames - Sasser

Main Locations -

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