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Surnames Beginning with P

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Perry Surname Project

Description - This project began in January 2006. Our goal is to help PERRY family researchers break down those long standing “brick walls” through the use of DNA analysis. When used in combination with traditional family research, DNA analysis can allow us to quickly map the links that tie our families together and discover more about our own family histories

Main Surnames - Perry

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Phillips DNA Project

Description - Phillips Genealogy DNA Testing Ancestry Results Family England US USA Canada Y-DNA FTDNA Relative Genetics History Project

Main Surnames - Phillips, Filups, MacPhillips, Phelips, Philip, Philipp, Phillip, Philps, Philben, Philippides

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Pike Surname DNA Project

Description - The Pike DNA Project aims to take advantage of genealogical DNA tests to help pursue Pike family history research. By determining the genetic signature of each Pike family line's Y-chromosome, it is possible to tell which Pike families are related and which are not. In turn, this can enable us to determine the origin of each Pike family. We invite all Pike family lines to participate, no matter where, and no matter how young or well established they may be. Additionally, we welcome all variants of the Pike surname, including Pyke and others

Main Surnames - Pike

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Added: Tue Jun 25 2019

Plant surname Y-DNA testing project

Description - Plant surname Y-DNA testing project

Main Surnames - Plant

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019


Description - The purpose is to test Price males to see if a match is found. Matches indicate that you both had a most recent common ancestor (MRCA) at some point in time. When a match is found, these individuals compare notes on their historical data and should be able to find new leads in their search for that elusive ancestor

Main Surnames - PRICE

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019


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