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Surnames Beginning with M

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MacLean / MacLaine DNA Project

Description - We are a DNA project with over 500 members scattered across the world but with the shared aim of using DNA testing to tell us more about our ancestry than we have been able to find by following a paper trail alone. Please join us if you have (or your ancestor had) the surname MacLean, MacLaine, McLean or any of the other variants

Main Surnames - MacLean

Main Locations -

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Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

McGee Surname DNA Project

Description - The McGee Surname DNA project seeks to identify the lines of the present day McGees and, together with genealogy research, determine how they relate to one another. The project is open to all who want to further the understanding of their McGee heritage

Main Surnames - McGee

Main Locations -

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Added: Tue Jun 25 2019

The McCarthy Surname (Y-DNA) Study

Description - Welcome to the Scrapbook pages for the McCarthy Surname Study, which analyses the Y-DNA of men named McCarthy or a spelling variant or agnomen associated with this name

Main Surnames - McCarthy

Main Locations -

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The McCorkle Surname Y-DNA Project

Description - This DNA project is offered as a forum for all McCorkle researchers to compare their traditional genealogical research to the results indicated by Y-DNA comparisons. Some research will be proven; perhaps some will be disproven. In some cases, disjointed branches will be linked, thus validating the need for future research. Whatever the results, I'm sure they will be rewarding and beneficial to the larger McCorkle research community, and will increase the genealogical body of knowledge

Main Surnames - McCorkle

Main Locations -

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