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Surnames Beginning with L

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Lewis Surname DNA Project

Description - The LEWIS Surname DNA Project was created to enable various Lewis participants to Y chromosome DNA test and compare the results in one surname data base and across the entire data base at Family Tree DNA of Houston. All Lewis lines are welcomed including variant spellings and non-surname matches to established Lewis lines. DNA analysis provides a tool for identifying participants who share a common male ancestor; and, when used in unison with documented Lewis pedigrees, can also aid in establishing links between Lewis groups who previously were thought to be unrelated.

Main Surnames - Lewis

Main Locations -

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Lindsay Surname DNA Project

Description - The stated purpose and goal, of the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project, is to perform Y-Chromosome DNA tests on a representative international group of males bearing the Lindsay surname in order to reliably establish the Lindsay haplotype (s) for each of the lineages and determine which of the Lindsay lineages share a common ancestor

Main Surnames - Lindsay

Main Locations -

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Long Surname DNA Project

Description - The objective of the Long Surname DNA Project is to enable Longs to expand and refine their family trees using genetic information to identify the progenitors of the Long families and their geographical origins and migration paths

Main Surnames - Long

Main Locations -

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