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Surnames Beginning with C

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Campbell DNA Project

Description - The Campbell DNA Project was launched in October of 2002 with the purpose of trying to help genealogy researchers break through brick walls. The goal of the project was to attempt to get DNA samples of several Campbell reference lineages and to look at opportunities to link current genealogy research to these lines.

Main Surnames - Campbell

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Casey Surname DNA Project

Description - This website is dedicated to DNA research that enhances our knowledge of the Casey surname. This project is primarily based on Y-DNA testing which provides genealogists the best testing alternative to determine genealogical clusters of related Casey lines and to determine how our oldest proven Casey ancestors are connected

Main Surnames - Casey

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Corson Surname DNA Project

Description - This project supplements document-based genealogical research of individuals with the CO_RS_N surname (i.e., CORSON, COURSON, COURSEN, CORSEN, CORSSEN) and variants such as COLSON, CORSA, CORSAW, DECOURSEY, RACER, and VROOM

Main Surnames - Corson

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Crawford Y-DNA Project

Description - The Clan Crawford Association has collaborated with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) to produce the Crawford Surname Y-DNA Project. FTDNA has the largest Y-DNA database in the world and has the greatest ability to compare your DNA with others who have taken the test to determine relationships. We use the Short Tandem Repeats (STR) "Y-DNA37" test (or higher, as the Y-67 and Y-111 provide more power for matching and grouping members) from FTDNA. However, SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) testing is playing a growing role in dissecting project lineages

Main Surnames - Crawford

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