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Surnames Beginning with A

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Acree DNA Project

Description - All men with the surnames Acree, Acra, Ackre, Ackrey, Acre, Acrea, Acrey, Akre, Akrey, and Akrie, which we're finding to be related, are encouraged to participate. We also welcome the participation of men with the surnames Acres, Acker(s), Aker(s), Dacre, Daker and Hacker, which have had historical associations with ours

Main Surnames - Acree

Main Locations -

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Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

Allison/Ellison Family DNA Project

Description - The Allison/Ellison DNA Project is a collaborative project of genealogists who use DNA testing to further their family research. We are actively seeking participants. The project is called the Allison/Ellison DNA but, because of historical variations in surnames, we will accept membership from any similar surnames such as Alison, Allyson, Elison, Ellis, Ellyson, Elliston, Alliston, Allanson

Main Surnames - Allison

Main Locations -

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Added: Tue Jun 25 2019

Alsup/Alsop Surname DNA Project

Description - To connect with fellow Alsop families who cannot yet be linked with traditional genealogical techniques. The hope is to provide a way to share information to assist each of us in our search of our roots using traditional genealogical techniques

Main Surnames - Alsop

Main Locations -

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Added: Tue Jul 09 2019


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