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The Maw Family popular

Description - The Maw and related family resource database containing over 65,000 individuals. Includes extensive collection of source documents

Main Surnames - Maw, Mawe, Mow, Smith, Mawer, Thewlis, Johnson, Thompson

Main Locations - England, United States, Canada, Australia

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 22
Added: Sun Jun 09 2019

Treece and Related Families

Description - This data file includes the ancestry of Mary Lou Treece Clegg with special emphasis on the Treece family. It includes all spellings of the name whether they are related to me or not. I believe it is the largest database of the Treece name in existence. It also includes all of my ancestors and relatives that I have been able to identify as of May 2019. It concentrates on the surnames Place, Hicks, Coleman, French, Thrapp, Patee, Pattee, Riggenbach, and Blunier. My sources include original records, secondary sources and the information that has been shared by other researchers. Sometimes I have stated the sources and sometimes not

Main Surnames - Treece, Place, Smith, trees, harter, Thrapp, Brown, Treese

Main Locations - Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Iowa, California, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019



Main Surnames - Bär, Well, Baer, Heinsheimer, Kaufmann, Calzaretta, KRIEGER, MICHAELS, RAFAEL

Main Locations - Germany, New York, USA, Illinois, Bohemia, New Jersey, Austria-Hungary, Pennsylvania

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Sun Jun 09 2019

The Hayssen Family Tree

Description - This family tree is a compilation of the work of many contributors and contains information on many different related families. The starting point is at about 1550 with Nanneke Hayssen of Golzwarden near the Weser River in Germany

Main Surnames - Achgelis, Alberti, Arens, Arkenau, Becker, Beyreis, Brickbauer, Daellenbach, Dassow, Denor, Draper, Eastman, Eimermann, Erickson, Finck, Fink, Greve, Gutheil, Hayessen, Hayssen, Heins, Jensen, Kretschmer, Krieger, Laun, Meinecke, Mohr, Morisse, Paulsen, Schepper, Schultz, Strebe, Tantzen, Tretow

Main Locations - Germany

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 4
Added: Sun Jun 09 2019

The St. John Genealogy

Description - This Ancestry and DNA project was initiated by the descendants of Thomas St. John (1564-1625) of Uchel-olau, Glamorgan, Wales beginning in 2001. Thomas was the Master on the Popham Colony's ship, The Richard, that was taken captive by the Spanish off the coast of Florida. He bribed a guard for his freedom and returned to London a year later. His brother, Sir William St. John, Knight was a founder of the Jamestown Colony, 1st English Governor of the African Colony, and a Vice Admiral in the English Royal Navy. Two other brothers, Captain Nicholas St. John and Lt. Alexander St. John were killed at St. Lucia Island while trying to colonize it for England. These brothers were direct male descendants of Sir John St. John, Knight and 1st Baron St. John of Lageham, who descended from the first St. John, Raoul de Conteville (alleged). Raoul de Conteville assumed the St. John surname in 1053 in the presence of William the Conqueror. Raoul became the 'man' of St.John at the end of the sea near Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France. His son, another Thomas of St. John, renamed the village St. Jean-le-Thomas.

Main Surnames - St. John, Borror, de Port-St. John, Sheets, Smith, Hightower

Main Locations - USA, United States, England, UK, Indiana, Ohio, Canada, Illinois, France

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 6
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

The Wallaces of Moore County, NC

Description - This site is dedicated to the descendants of Everet Wallace (c1770-c1845) of Moore County, NC and contains thousands of related and allied families who lived nearby in upper Moore County

Main Surnames - Wallace, Maness, Williams, Garner, Brown, Davis, Moore, Ritter, Kennedy, Smith, Britt, Brewer, Phillips, Stutts, Morgan, Cagle

Main Locations - North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, England, Virginia, Arkansas

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 6
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Towler | Toler Family Tree

Description - Towler | Toler | Toller and related families and their genealogy

Main Surnames - Towler, Toler, Toller, Arbuckle, Hoffman, Duggan

Main Locations - Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 3
Added: Mon Jul 08 2019


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