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Page Titles Starting with M

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Mull Families popular

Description - This specialist website has been created to assist researchers whose ancestors have a connection with the Isles of Mull, Tiree & Coll. As well as a large database of names (85,000+), the site includes family pics, headstones, albums, documents, user comments, reports, charts, timeline, and many other features


Main Locations - Scotland,Isle of Mull,Isle of Tiree,Isle of Coll,Argyllshire,Australia,Canada,USA

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 32
Added: Wed Jul 03 2019

MacMillan Genealogy

Description - This genealogy was compiled from information originally researched by Donald Beals and recently updated with contributions from several members of the Nova Scotia MacMillan family

Main Surnames - Dauphinee, MacMillan, Davis, MacDonald, Lush,

Main Locations - Nova Scotia, Canada

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

Marsh Clarke Family Tree

Description - This website is created with hopes of preserving the memories and history of our ancestors. Many of these people we know about, but many are forgotten because their records have been lost or destroyed through the years. In any case, it's hard to imagine where we'd be without their dreams, dedication and sacrifice. Our ancestors made it possible for us to live as we do today and we show our gratitude by learning about their life experiences. I hope this website gives you an opportunity to learn something new and exciting about your family.

Main Surnames - Marsh, Clark(e), Locke, Guy, Hodder, Matthews, Thorne

Main Locations - Dunfield, Trinity, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Fri Aug 23 2019

Mather Family Trees

Description - Contained herein are more than 13,000 individuals, all connected, either directly or through marriage. Some of the more famous ancestors are Rev. Richard Mather and his son Increase, and grandson Cotton. Rev. Richard came here from England in 1636 for religious freedom and was one of the leading Puritans of his time in Massachusetts

Main Surnames - Mathers, Mather, Rex

Main Locations - New York, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Pennsylvania

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 7
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

McBride Family History

Description - McBride Family History

Main Surnames - McBride, Feeny, Hicks, Modglin

Main Locations - Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

McPherson-Strong History

Description - Here you will find years of genealogy research on the McPherson and Strong families, including main branches of Hempy, Lange, Martin, Shorten, Shultes and Swoap. Several of our branches can be traced back to colonial Massachusetts and include at least 3 mayflower passengers including Elder William Brewster. Among the people are early settlers, explorers, inventors, printers, farmers, machinists, Revolutionary War veterans and other typical American immigrants. Many sources are listed as well as pictures, scanned documents and headstones

Main Surnames - McPherson, Strong, Holman, Sweetapple, Pratt, Hawley, Caswell, Sherburne, Allen

Main Locations - New York, England, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 10
Added: Sat Jul 06 2019

Mid-Ohio Genealogy Database

Description - This site is based on the 78-volume Genealogical Index of Delaware and Union Counties, commonly known as the Bouic Index. This unique resource, compiled by Margaret Main Bouic, indexes many records for persons living in Union County from its beginnings to about the 1990s.

Main Surnames - Smith, Miller, Jones, Main, Brown, Johnson, Thompson, Davis, Williams, Moore, Robinson, Thomas, Wilson, Reed, Taylor, Clark, Evans, Martin, Weiser, White, Adams, Scott, baker, Lewis, hall, Wood, Roberts, price, Turner, green

Main Locations - Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, West Virginia, kentucky

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 8
Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Miller / Stokes Family

Description - This site contains a database of the Miller and Stokes families, and miscellaneous kin, in Southwest Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Main Surnames - Miller, Stokes, RICHEY, MIRANDA, SMITH, MARLER, HOLCOMB

Main Locations - Louisiana, Nicaragua, Texas

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 9
Added: Sat Jul 06 2019


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