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Page Titles Starting with L

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Laing Family Genealogy

Description - Although there are many Laing families in Scotland, ours are from the Aberdeenshire parishes of Leslie, Clatt, and Kildrummy. We are cousins who share ancestry dating back to 1680, but our closest common ancestor is John Laing, born in the parish of Leslie in 1795

Main Surnames - Robb, Stephen, Laing, Reid, Lawson, Mitchell, Anderson, Dunn, Walker, Lumsden, Gilchrist

Main Locations - Aberdeenshire, Fifeshire, Ayrshire, England, Ontario, Banffshire, British Columbia

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Lautenslager's Genealogy

Description - My name is Bernd and like many of you my last name is Lautenslager. Am 40 years old and since 2001 actively involved in the origins of "our" name. Over the years I have spoken several namesakes from all corners of the world all have their own story about the name Lautenslager (and what looks like) Currently what we know is that the name originate from Hungary. This is a person (schlager) by means of a gong (laut) announced the arrival of the prince (ca. 1523). The name does not come from Germany as most think

Main Surnames - LAUTENSLAGER, LAUTESLAGER, LAUTERSLAGER, LAUTENSCHLAGER, van Tuil, van Tuil, van der Staak, Valentijn

Main Locations - Netherlands, Delaware, USA, United States, indiana,

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Leverton Genealogy

Description - Leverton Genealogy


Main Locations - England, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Wales

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Added: Mon Jul 22 2019


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