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Page Titles Starting with C

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Connected Bloodlines popular

Description - Genealogical and social history for over 20,000 individuals; 3,800 unique surnames; and 6,800 families


Main Locations - USA, Norway, England, France, germany, Canada, Poland, Spain

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Cashman Family History

Description - This is a genealogy site for the descendants and relatives of James Cashman (1820-1879) and Catherine Long (1824-1892) who were born in County Cork, Ireland, emigrated to America in 1850 and settled in Hanover, Massachusetts. Besides CASHMAN, common surnames on this site include MURPHY, REARDON, SPENCE, NELLIGAN, SHEA, and many others.

Main Surnames - Cashman, VERROCHI, Murphy, Reardon, Shea

Main Locations - USA, Ireland, Italy, Canada

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Added: Thu Jun 20 2019

Clark-Hart Pages

Description - These pages present the history of the Clark and Hart families, from their European roots to their settlements and migrations in America, including thousands of names of descendants of John Lothrop, who sailed from England on the Griffin, arriving in Boston 18 September 1634.

Main Surnames - Clark, Smith, Hart, Lathrop, Kapp, Newbold

Main Locations - USA, England, Pennsylvania, Germany, New York

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Hits: 11
Added: Wed Jul 03 2019

Genealogia Cavazos

Description - Cavazos family tree from northeast Mexico

Main Surnames - Cavazos, Garza, García, Flores, Treviño, Guerra, Dávila, Cantú, Fernández, Castro, Lamelas, Tinajero, Arriaga

Main Locations - Mexico, Spain

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Added: Tue Oct 22 2019


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