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Lambrights : descendants of Nicholas Lambright, a Revolutionary War soldier

Description - Nicholas Lambright (Lambrecht) was born ca. 1741 in Flanders, Belgium. He immigrated to Caroline County, Virginia, and married Martha Coleman in 1762

Main Surnames - Lambright, Anding, Dehay, Fox, Goodwin, Magee, Pate, Perry, Switzer, Wise, Andrew, Baker, Bass, Berry, Bird, Black, Blackwell, Blakeley, Blasingame, Bouchillon, Boyd, Brandon, Bridge, Brown, Buie, Burke, Bush, Byrd, Calcote, Caldwell, Campbell, Case, Chambers, Cismesia, Clary, Cloud, Coker, Cole, Cook, Craig, Crowe, Currie, Davis, Dickson, Dillard, Dixon, Doyens, Dunn, East, Elledge, Elliott, Ewing, Farmer, Finley, Flournoy, Flowers, Floyd, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, French, Furr, Galloway, Gault, Gibson, Goerner, Gossett, Gregory, Gustafson, Harris, Harrison, Havard, Hendrix, Hensarling, Hightower, Hogg, Hollier, Holloway, Hook, Hopson, Hudson, Huffman, Isbell, Jackson, James, Johnson, Jolly, Jones, Kennedy, Kicidis, Kindred, Krutz, Lamb, Lamblight, Lavergene, Lewis, Lindsay, Lofland, Long, Maricle, Marshall, Martin, Massey, McCants, McCranie, McDaniel, Mc Kee, Mc Millan, Meeker, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Murray, Music, Mutton, Neal, Nevels, O'Daniel, Ogilvie, Oliver, Parker, Parks, Payne, Pendergrass, Perkins, Pettey, Pruitt, Ragan, Raley, Rea, Richardson, Rinsland, Robertson, Rochelle, Rogers, Russell, Sanders, Schertz, Schmidt, Schuyler, Scott, Sherman, Shipman, Smith, Snyder, Sowell, Stanley, Stephens, Stokes, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Wade, Waggoner, Waters, Watson, Webb, West, Whitener, Williams, Willis, Winter, Wolf, Wood, Worley, Wright, Wyatt

Main Locations - South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, California

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Legacy of Francis and Martha Cload Marshall

Description - Francis Marshall was born in about 1660. He married Martha Cload in Boston, Massachusetts in about 1681. They had eight children

Main Surnames - Astin, Becker, Berry, Bickmore, Cload, Crumpacker, Curtis, Decourcey, Dustin, Fogg, Foster, Frost, Goold, Gould, Gowen, Grant, Gray, Heard, Hodsdon, Hudson, Hull, Jordan, Kildoyle, Knowles, Libby, Locke, Lowell, Mccarty, Marston, Meservy, Olson, Philbrick, Pray, Randall, Schlautmann, Shackley, Swett, Tarter, Warren, Weddle, Winter

Main Locations - England, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Missouri and Wyoming

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Life and times of Hon. Humphrey Marshall : author of Marshall's History of Kentucky

Description - Humphrey Marshall was born in 1760 in Fauquier County, Virginia. His parents were John Marshall and Mary Quisenberry. He served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia State Regiment of Artillery. He moved to Kentucky in 1782. He married Mary Marshall (1859-1824), daughter of Thomas Marshall, in 1874 in Virginia. He died in Lexington, Kentucky in 1841

Main Surnames - Marshall

Main Locations - Kentucky, Virginia

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