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Page Titles Starting with K

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Kearl family history : biographies of James Kearl (1833-1902), his wives and posterity

Description - James Kearl of Brockenhurst, Hampshire, England was born in 1833 to John and Elizabeth Gates Kearl. He married Ann Burton, daughter of William Burton and Jane Dridge, in 1853. They had nine children. They emigrated from England to Utah in the mid 1850's settling first in Grantsville and moving to Laketown in 1869. He also married Fanny Martin (1844-1923) and Merlin Eastham (1852-1934). He died in 1902

Main Surnames - Conley, Dunn, Findlay, Hayball, Kearl, Marshall, Sloan, Barnes, Bevans, Bolingbroke, Brough, Burton, Cooley, Elwood, Eller, Erickson, Frodsham, Goodwin, Hatch, Hampton, Herbertson, Higgins, Hodges, Hunter, Jensen, Johnson, Lamborn, Law, Low, Lowe, Manchek, Mareo, Moffat, Nebeker, Passey, Pearson, Price, Reed, Saltzgiver, Satterthwaite, Schofield, Smith, Spiers, Taggart, Taylor, Thompson, Thorne, Van Theil, Webb, Weston, White, Willis, Wilson, Winward, Wright, Wynder

Main Locations - Utah, California and Canada

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Kelsick - Dobyns - Sutton families

Description - "This is an account of the ancestry of Ada Ruth (Sutton) Rose, the daughter of Rebecca Beckwith Kelsick who married Albert Lee Sutton of Bowling Green, Missouri."--Pref. Ada Ruth Sutton was born 19 December 1876, died April 29, 1912 and was buried in Curryville, Missouri. She married George Sanford Rose on 2 January 1896. "Most of their married life was spent in Curryville ... "--P. 409. George Sanford Rose was born 16 Feb 1857 and died 1 March 1945

Main Surnames - Kelsick, Barnes, Redman, Belfield, Dobyns, Sutton, Allerton, Bacon, Baker, Barber, Barnes, Bassett, Bathurst, Beale, Beaumont, Beckwith, Berrick, Bland, Brewster, Brackenbrough, Brown, Burger, Cooke, Corbin, Currie, Dew, Eltonhead, Franklin, Freshwater, Godson, Hawar, Hardwick, Jesper, Jones, Kotlarek, Lawson, Lee, Manly, Meriwether, Miskell, Mottrom, Muff, Nash, Newman, Northen, Pope, Powell, Rose, Sanford, Sisson, Smith, Spears, Stewart, Sturman, Sydnor, Tarpley, Tavenner, Toone, Travers, Turner, Waller, Washington, Willoughby, Wright, Youell

Main Locations - Missouri, California, Utah, Wisconsin

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Kinfolk of Perry Lee Collins : taken from knowledge and tales gathered from 1989 to 1992

Description - A genealogy and a history of the descendants of Perry Lee Collins born 14 Mar 1839 in Lincoln County, North Carolina the son of John Collins and Polly. He married 1) 19 Sep 1860 Sarah Jane Lankford and 2) Sarah Sylena Sloan Wear. He died 18 Sep 1922

Main Surnames - Butler, Campbell, Dean, Marshall, Sutton, Tate, Walker

Main Locations -

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