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Family of Edward Marshall, colonist, c.1667-1975

Description - Edward Marshall (ca. 1667-1704) was born on the British island of Barbados and immigrated to New York. He married Anna Maria Bosch in 1700

Main Surnames -

Main Locations - New York and Connecticut

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Family record of Fairchild Hubbard, and his descendants 1771-1891

Description - Fairchild Hubbard was born at Middletown, Ct. 1771 and died at LaGrange, Ohio in 1859

Main Surnames - Hubbard, Clapp, Broadhead, Pepper, Shankland, McAllaster, McLain, Ceas, Callis, Crandall, Mordoff, Mingus, Overman, Clark, Wilcox, Barnum, Wheeler, Benschoten, Paddack, Clevenger, Millington, Gott, Kinsley, Taylor, Stuart, Marshall, Abbott, Miller, Woodbridge, Coleman, Minnot, Palmer, Donaldson, Stone, Stevenson, Doll, Williams

Main Locations - Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Iowa, South Dakota

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Filgate families in America

Description - James Felgate, son of James Felgate and Elizabeth Pack, was baptized 10 November 1791 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He married Mary Thompson 8 February 1821 in Upper Canada

Main Surnames - Andrews, Appleton, Astbury, Badger, Beattie, Bragdon, Davidson, George, Hall, Hawkins, Henderson, Hogg, Houlden, Jamieson, Jenkins, Kelso, Kezar, Lander, Learmouth, Lenton, Little, Logan, Maggon, Marshall, McElreavy, McLaughlin, Moran, Morse, Philp, Ralston, Robinson, Ross, Rothney, Rundle, Thayer, Trojano, Wadleigh, Wark, Werry, White, Wilkin, Wright

Main Locations - Ireland, England, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts

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Frandsen family history of Erie County, Ohio

Description - Andrew Frandsen was born in 1846 in Denmark. He came to the United States in 1870 and settled in Erie Co., Ohio. He married Eliza Catherine Asmus in 1875 and they had six children. They were both buried in Erie Co., Ohio

Main Surnames - Buckeridge, Clybourne, Darst, Fox, Gumbert, Harkness, Loveland, Marshall, Miller, Pratt, Schaeffer, Smith, Strickland, Tucker, Watts

Main Locations -

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Fromhart family history : descendants of John Fromhart (or Fromhertz) of Bergalingen, Germany

Description - John Fromhnart was born 26 November 1820 in Germany. His wife Magdalene was born 18 June 1818 also in Germany. They lived in Bergalingen and Hanover, Germany. Emigrating to America in the 1850's, they settled near Newburg, West Virginia

Main Surnames - LaRaw, Flanagan, Rowe, Lee, Wolfe, Messenger, Wilson, Thrasher, Grimm, Criss, McGinnis, Hartley, Stites, Burke, Myers, Castle, Ball, Evans, Perry, Dankovich, Densmore, Bolyard, Uphold, Bernard, Shaffer, Jacobin, Guenzel, Korzenowski, Williams, Bann, King, Marshall, Wiles, Bischoff, Mayfield, Mitter, Cornwell, Myers, Davisson, Murray, Evans, Laffein, Byrd, Himmler, Funk, Scoggs, Palton, Uphold, Castilow, Morris, Beckmeyer, Rowe, Langham, Duffy

Main Locations - West Virginia, Ohio, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma

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