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Page Titles Starting with H

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Hagger One Name Study

Description - The HAGG*R One Name Study is co-ordinated by Peter Hagger and is interstedf in any ocurrances of the Hagg*r name worldwide. The study encompasses Hagar, Hager, Haggar and Hagger names plus other variants and deviants.

Main Surnames - Hagger

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 4
Added: Sun Jun 23 2019

Harlan Family

Description - Harlan Family in America

Main Surnames - Harlan

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 2
Added: Sun Jul 07 2019

Hopkins Genealogy

Description - This group is for ALL Hopkins researchers. Please feel free to post pictures, documents and questions. I hope we all can find connections here. Enjoy the group

Main Surnames - Hopkins

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 3
Added: Sun Jul 07 2019

Humble Family Genealogy and Present Family

Description - James Humble and Mary Cross moved from KY to Ohio they had a son Elias Beech Humble who married Margaret Wallace, and they had James Jasper Humble who married Nancy Jane Tomlin who moved back to KY and then back to Jackson Ohio, they had a sons Maywood and James Milton that stayed in KY

Main Surnames - Humble

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 1
Added: Sun Jul 07 2019

Hunter One-Name Study

Description - The Guild of One-Name Studies is the study of a surname and I have registered the surname HUNTER. If you would like to know more about this study please join my group and we will study our surname worldwide

Main Surnames - Hunter

Submitted by: admin
Hits: 3
Added: Sun Jul 07 2019


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