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Ancestry Family Trees  (3) 
Personal family trees that are stored at These individual trees can include many surnames and locations. Ancestry account required to view
Facebook Surname Groups  (77) 
Surname specific genealogy related Facebook groups. Facebook account required. Some groups may have an approval process before being able to join
FamilySearch Surname Books  (113) 
Surname Books, microfilm, microfiche, and publications made available online by FamilySearch. FamilySearch account required
Personal Homepages  (82) 
Free web sites created by individuals who are publishing their family history online. These are usually generated by various software programs and can include many different surnames and locations
Surname DNA Projects  (69) 
Surname specific DNA projects and studies. Many are located at FamilyTreeDNA and may require registration to join
Surname Message Boards  (31) 
Genealogy related message boards and forums that are dedicated to single surnames and are used to search for information or share family history info with other users
Surname Specific Web Sites  (87) 
Free web sites dedicated to single surnames such as associations, projects, and one name studies. This can also include family trees that focus solely on a specific name.
TNG Web Sites  (73) 
Personal research web sites using The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) - a powerful way to manage and display your family tree on your own website
User Free Pages  (6) 
Family trees that have been uploaded to the server and displayed using Dan Pidcock's gedcomToHTML converter. Upload your Gedcom today and share your research! Totally free and no advertisements!

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